Hello & Welcome

My name is Sam Bruzzese and I am the founding principal of Clearpoint Elementary in Pointe-Claire, Quebec. I have worked at the Ministry of Education with the Quebec English Schools Network and before becoming a school administrator I was the computer consultant at the Lester B. Pearson and Baldwin-Cartier School Boards.

I continue to lecture at McGill University, last semester  I taught EDPE 640 (Emerging Technologies for Educational Change) and continue to teach EDPT 200 (Integrating Educational Technology in the Classroom). I’ve been asked to also teach and revamp EDPT 204 (Educational Media 1) for this upcoming semester (January ’17). As soon as it’s ready I will update the URL. 

I’ve also taught: Managing Education Resources (EDEM 628), Computers As Mindtools, Introduction to Computers in Education,  The Internet for Teachers, and Microworlds (coding).

I am a member of the LCEEQ (Leadership Committee for English Education in Québec) at the Ministry of Education. I love kids and schools. I think that learning in our schools should be project based and child-centered. I believe that a constructivist approach to learning should be our primary focus. I believe in whole language, the NCTM math standards, and the Quebec Education Program(QEP).

Every spring I organize the LBP EdTech Summer Institute and I also volunteer in several LBPSB schools by giving workshops on how technology can transform learning and teaching. 

My first passion has always been reading great books and I am currently completing a Masters in English at Université de Montréal just for fun!

This year (2015-2016), I want to start playing with badges both for myself and my students. Here’s the first three:


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