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EDEM 628: Info


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Education Resource Management (EDEM 628): January - April 2008

Sam Bruzzese (

Course Description:
Over the past two decades, there have been ever increasing cries for accountability in the leadership/management of education resources. These cries have been interpreted and responded to through a wide variety of approaches: school improvement programs and initiatives, charter schools, decentralization of decision making, strategic planning, development of professional learning communities, and many more. Fundamental to all of these approaches is the desire to improve student results through improvements to learning and teaching. But what really makes a difference, and what is the link to education resource management?

Questions that emerge might be:

  • What is it?
    • What is education resource management?
    • What is the link to leadership and accountability?
  • Why is it like that?
    • How does one's approach/philosophy/understanding/style influence the management of resources?
  • How else can it be?
    • What should it “look and feel like” in my local setting… should that differ from other settings?
    • How can I influence the leadership/management of education resources?

This course will provide participants with:

  • an appreciation for the concepts and issues related to education resource management;
  • an understanding of various approaches to resource leadership/management; and
  • an opportunity to consider leading the management of resources in their local setting.

Participants will have an opportunity to engage in reflection and “professional conversations” in small teams focused on interpreting their local experience and integrating new notions related to resource leadership/management, as a way of revealing possibilities for their local setting, be it school board, school, or class.

Important Dates:
Face-to-face Class #1: Mon., January 7th (5 pm) @ Marymount Academy
Face-to-face Class #2: to be determined at first meeting
Face-to-face Class #3: to be determined at first meeting

World Wide Web site (visit between classes): or and McGill WebCT direct link.

Course Requirements:

Participation in Class 10%

Common Place Book : (a reflective journal with a twist) 25%

  • Reflections on Reading & Presentations
  • Considering/Developing my Philosophy
  • Personal/Professional Stories
  • My Stories Revisited… interpreting my experiences
  • Anything Else…

Group Presentation 25%

  • details to follow

Mini-Paper on Leadership : Discussion of a Particular Approach 20%

  • Considering Readings
  • Further Researching
  • Analysis/Interpretation of the Approach
  • This is done in 4 parts:
    • Part 1-->due week 4 (to be completed on your personal blog- 3 marks)
    • Part 2 -->due week 5 (complete online survey - 3 marks)
    • Part 3 -->due week 7 (Marzano survey - 4 marks)
    • Part 4 --> due last class (mini-paper - 10 marks)
      • Developing Your Vision for Educationa Resource Leadership/Management
        • What is it?
        • Why is it like that?
        • How else can it be?

Administrator Handbook 20%– A binder with dividers that explains in a handbook format all policies and procedures in your particular school and/or board. This would be a mini-book that could be given to new administrators.

  • What would it contain
  • How would it be organized, so it's useful
  • What format and layout

Senate Statement:

McGill University values academic integrity. Therefore, all students must understand the meaning and consequences of cheating, plagiarism and other academic offences under the Code of Student Conduct and Disciplinary Procedures (see: for more information).

Course Pak (required):
Given out first class.

Suggested Books(optional):
Coming soon.

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