EDPE 640

*** Latest updates New Horizon Reports ( 2016 K-12 edition & 2016 Higher Ed edition). ****

I created and designed the Emgerging Technologies for Educational Change (EDPE 640) for McGill University in 2014. This semester (fall ’15) the class circle/community will be hosted on the Mightybell (http://edpe640.mightybell.com) site. Here is the Fall 2015 syllabus in PDF format as the Mightybell site is password proetected. The course wiki (http://edpe640.wikispaces.com) includes info on the course content as well as the student projects. In addition to the course readings and textbook we are using the New Horizons K-12 and Higher Education 2015 reports to help frame the class discussions, presentations, and reflections.

Structured Overview K-12:

Emerging Technologies For Educational Change
McGill Graduate Course EDPE 640
Fall 2015, Tuesdays 6:05 to 8:55 pm
Educaton Bldg. Room 627

Instructor: Sam Bruzzese (email: sam.bruzzese@mcgill.ca)

Course Web Site:  http://edpe640.wikispaces.com
Mightybell Site:  http://bit.ly/edpe640f15

Syllabus Fall '15

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