Hello & Welcome

My name is Sam Bruzzese and I am the founding principal of Clearpoint Elementary in 2006. I have worked at the Ministry of Education with the Quebec English Schools Network and before becoming a school principal (Terry Fox, Riverdale) I was the computer consultant at the Lester B. Pearson and Baldwin-Cartier School Boards. I retired from the LBPSB in 2012 but I continue to lecture at McGill University. 

This semester I am teaching EDPT 200 (Integrating Educational Technology in the Classroom) and EDEM 673 (Leadership Theory in Education) at McGill University. In Winter ’18, I will be  updating EDEM 628 (Managing Educationsl Resources). I also hope to teach EDPT 204 (Creating and Using Media For Learning).

Last spring I created and taught EDPE 595 (e-Learning: Concepts and Practice) and two years ago I created and designed EDPE 640 (Emerging Technologies for Educational Change).

In the past I’ve taught: Managing Education Resources (EDEM 628), Computers As Mindtools, Introduction to Computers in Education,  The Internet for Teachers, and Microworlds (coding).

I am a member of the LCEEQ (Leadership Committee for English Education in Québec) at the Ministry of Education. I love kids and schools. I think that learning in our schools should be project based and child-centered. I believe that a constructivist approach to learning should be our primary focus. I believe in whole language, the NCTM math standards, and the Quebec Education Program(QEP).

Every spring I organize the LBP EdTech Summer Institute and I also volunteer in several LBPSB schools by giving workshops on how technology can transform learning and teaching. 

My first passion has always been reading great books and I have just completed a Masters in English at Université de Montréal just for fun! 

© Sam Bruzzese 2017