Emerging Adults

Emerging Adults: Expectations and Reality

This workshop will be given at the LCEEQ conference in Laval (February 10, 2014). Here is the conference description:

This practical hands-on workshop is specifically geared to high school, adult education, and technical vocational teachers. The focus will be on motivating and engaging 12 to 20 year olds by using free web 2.0 tools on their cell phones and yours. We will look at how to hook students, and we will learn what this age group is doing with technology. I will present options to the banning of cell phones (i.e. use them in class!). I will demonstrate how to build capacity and how to connect with students in 'their' world.

Note: Please make sure your smartphone/tablet  is fully charged. Download the following apps BEFORE the workshop (if possible): Socrative, Evernote, Piazza, Google Drive, Postach.io (create account) and Book Creator. 

Here are the workshop notes and links.

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