iPad for Administrators

The iPad is a transformative device that fundamentally changes the way we interact with technology. The hands-on workshop will acquaint school principals with the iPad and its potential as a tool to be used by students, teachers and administrators. The participants will leave the workshop with a package of materials that may be used for self-study or staff development.


June 2014 update: notes and materials will be posted on June 27th, 2014 after the full day presentation at the 2nd Annual LBP Edtech Summer Institute.

November 2013 update: iPad Initiatives is a new workshop I am giving to  LBPSB elementary schools this fall and winter. Each workshop is customized to each school (for example: here’s the materials and links for St. Charles Elementary).

October 2013 update: iPad For Administrators and Teacher Leaders  given at LEARN Tablet summit (October 21, 2013) --> workshop notes, links, and resources.

iPad For Administrators (beginner) -->

Agenda and Resources (February 24th, 2012)

Welcome (10 min.)

  • Workshop overview and group setup

Group 1 Activity: iPad Basics & Work Flow (25 min.)

  • What's in the box?
  • Setting up iPad
    • Email Outlook ~ multiple accounts
  • Portal ~ Infini ~ GPI 
  • Notes ~ Evernote ~
  • DropBox ~ iCloud
  • News ~ Books ~ Textbooks

Group 2 Activity: Keynote and Presentations (25 min.)

  • Keynote app
  • Templates
  • Images
  • Movie files
  • Transitions

Whole Group Activity and Wrap-Up (15 min.)

New Sept. 12, 2012 ---> Apple Education Resources Page.

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