We are slowly starting to transition back to face to face workshops (Dec. 23)

Since COVID in March 2020 almost all work, presentations and workshops being given online via ZOOM!.

Here’s selected list of my presentations and workshops:

Follow up presentation Building Learnig Communities 2019 conference: Moving from 21st Century Skills to New Pedagogies for Deep Learning (NPDL) (July 17, 2019)

April 22nd Transforming Learning with iPads & Adult Learners @ PACC Career Centre

I was asked to present at Building Learning Communities Conference 2018 (Alan November). The resources for those presentations are found at the conference site:

  • Multimodal Literacy: An Introduction
  • Inception: Who Owns the Learning
  • Technology Together: Whole School Profesional Development for Capability & Capacity

Fostering Creativity on Your iPads (Fall ’16 / Winter ’17)

The 21st Century Resource Room (Fall ’16 / Winter ‘17)

Intro to HyperDocs (Fall ’16 / Winter ’17)

Digital Porftfolios & the New Google Sites (Fall ’16 / Winter ‘17)

Jab Jab Left Hook (Using Social Media in Schools) inpsired by Sabba Quidwai @EdTech Teacher 

4 Session @ LBP Future Ready Summit (

Numerous Google Classroom & IOS workshops for LBPSB

Google Sites & Blogger (Jan. 26, 2016)

Maximize Google Drive on your iPad (Jan. 12, 2016)

Google Gafe Summit (Rosemere High School Dec. 5 & 6 ) 3 presentations: 

  • Technology Together: I Can U Can
  • Intro to Google Classroom
  • Anyone Can Code

Google Classrooms + Google Forms: The Perfect Combo (@LBP Nov. & Dec.)

Motivation & Technology (Dawson College, Oct. ’15)

Intro to Google Classroom (5 workshops in Sept. & Oct.)

Digital Storytelling @LBP EdTech Summer Institute (June ’15)

Transforming Learning with iPads (McGill University Distinguished Speaker Seminar, March 20)

Intro to Google Classroom (8 workshops from January to June)

Intro to Google Sites (8 workshops from January to May)

Intro to Google Classroom @ Google GAFE Summit (Dec. ’14)

Everyone Can Code @ Google GAFE Summit (Dec. ’14)

Intro to Google Drive @ Place Cartier (Nov. 14)

Explain Everything @ QPAT Teacher’s Convention (Nov. ’14)

Transforming Learning @ Boston iPad Summit (Nov. ’14)

iPads as a Creativity Tool @Elizabeth Ballantyne (Nov. ’14)

Explain Everything @ LBP EdTech Summer Institute (June ’14)

iPad for Administrators @ LBP EdTech Summer Institute (June ’14)

Technology Together PD model @ LBP EdTech Summer Institute (June ’14).Tranforming Learning @ LCEEQ conference, Sheraton, Laval (February ’14).

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