Technology Together

Technology Together: Whole School Professional Development for Capability and Confidence

I gave this workshop at the Boston iPad Summit to over 100 administrators, teachers and consultants. Here is the conference program workshop description:

The workshop will highlight how we used and adapted the Technology Together model to implement several large scale technology initiatives in our school board (LBPSB). Our successes/challenges will be discussed and the program materials with over 70 resources (surverys, checklists, pd activitivites, etc.) will be given to the workshop participants. Professional development for technology integration can be challenging for many reasons, not least of which are rapidly changing technologies and the varying levels of ICT competencies within a school. “Technology Together’ is a research based model that originated in Australia, and at it’s core “fosters a school-wide culture of collaboration and support” while helping individual teachers to develop positive attitudes toward ICT. Participants will learn how the metacognative approach of this professional development program can with used with any technology initiative (1 to 1, iPads, Chromebooks, BYOD, etc.) in any setting.

Here is the link to the workshop materials given to the workshop participants.

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