Tempus fugit

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Tempus fugit ! 

While prepping for my new media class at McGill; I came across this old newspaper clipping from either the Montreal Gazette or Star. Must be from '78 or '79 ~ pic taken in my Intro to Mass Media class at PCHS. I remember both students Michel & Joan. Joan was one of my favourite students ~ so kind ~ I also taught them English.

The caption for the photo read "Problems with students stem from more than television". Yes, that's a reel-to-reel and yes I had a Kodak 16 mm film projector. I could pick up and slow down the speed of the film by gently pressing the film reel with my hands. I was quick proficient at this because if the reel was held too long the film would melt and burn. Every week I would drive to the Montreal Film Library to rent the films for the week.

Things never change with perception of technology and kids. These kids must be in their mid 50's now.

Going to be a Proustian week ~ as I'm also evaluating 3 students teachers at JFK ~ my old high school. 50 years ago I was a grade 8 student there. I haven't been in that neck of the woods for quite awhile now.

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