Being right is not a strategy .

This week, I had the pleasure of listening to Michael Fullan (updated handout July 2013: Change Making It Happen...) speak at the annual LCEEQ conference in Laval. I enjoy his presentations because he provides practical strategies and he always gets me thinking. People that know me, know that sometimes that's not necessarily a good thing :)

This time his quote "being right is not a strategy" really struck home. I always assumed that if one was right  -- then nothing else needed to be done. I expected that everyone would do the right thing… without politiking. Geez who knew …  that it's not necessarily so :)

Workshop and presentation pages updated.

Just updated my workshop/presentation sections of my website and I am providing access to any materials I develop by making the URL's public. Any feedback is appreciated. I am looking forward to presenting the  iPads for Administrators Workshop on February 24th. Tanya has agreed to help me with this workshop even though she's on maternity leave. As well, I'd to thank NYSCATE (New York State Association for Computers and Technologies in Education) for allowing me to use their iPad wiki site materials for our workshop. Of course anything we develop will be shared on this site shortly.

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