Summer Reading & Getting Ready for Fall Semester

It’s been an amazing past month. The summer weather has finally arrived. We babysat our beautiful granddaughter Maliyah or MCB for short while Nadia worked at summer camp. I updated the course syllabus for both edpe640 and edpt200 both classes are already full with approximately 50 students in each class. Lots of journal readings this fall.

I’ve read many books including:

I’ve also been thinking a lot about emerging technologies in education in preparation for my fall class and I discoverd the OpenText project from UBC. I really like the materials they’ve made available to us not only in tech but in psychology, sociology, the arts, etc. I downloaded Teaching in the Digital Age by Tony Bates; while it focuses on higher ed. He gave me permission to adapt and make changes so it focuses on k-11 audience. Another project I hope to work on during the year.

Finally, I’ve started the Herculian task of organizing and cleaning up my study by getting rid of old tech books, keeping the literary stuff and just plain dusting. Needless to say my wife if very very happy about this project!

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