Christmas Holiday ~ Yeah

I just wrapped up a busy fall and completed teaching my 2 classes at Mcgill (EDPE 640 and EDPT 200). The students keep getting better and better each year. I just submitted my paper for the course I’m taking at U of M (Women and Literature). I am working on a Future Ready Google site to support LBPSB schools who are embarking on this initiative in the next school year. This winter semester I will be taking a Contemporary Anglo-Canadian Writing (ANG 6190) and a literary genre course (to be determined). Can’t wait to watch  

Star Wars next week and most important of all spend time with family and friends. I plan to eat a lot and to relax. I need to recharge my batteries. This June will mark 40 years that I’ve been married to Dale and we can't wait for our European vacation in July (Almalfi Coast & Rome). 

My granddaughter, Maliyah, is now 18 months and I can’t believe how much she changes daily. Its such a joy to play and to babysit. She  definitely has a personality. Merry Christimas and Happy New Year to everyone.

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