Busy summer and early fall !

Boy it’s been busy ~ between teaching my 2 courses at McGill and preparing new workshops for the upcoming year ~ it’s been almost non-stop action. I’m just starting to read Gardner’s new book:

He’s coming to Montreal this upcoming Thurday and I am curious to see what he has to say about kids, apps, and technology. Reshan Richard (creator of Explain Everything) will also be coming to Montreal on October 20th. He is the keynote speaker at the Connected Learning, Connected Lives conference hosted by Learn Quebec at the Sheraton in Laval.

I will be presenting at the Boston iPad summit (November 13) and the QPAT Teachers Convention (November 27).

Of course I am also enjoying my postcolonial english lit. course at U of M even though comtemporary literary discourse is sometimes a little harder to understand than I would like to admit :)

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