It’s Time To End The Device Debate 

I just read a great article on Edudemic by Patrick Larkin on whether Chromebooks or iPads are better suited for the classroom and I posted the following comment:

Too much time and energy is wasted debating the merits of one device over another. At Lester B. Pearson School Board we allow the schools to choose Chromebooks and/or iPads based on their needs. We have learned that the most important factor in determining the success or failure of any technology initiative is the amount of time devoted to the teacher's professional development. The PD should focus on how to use the technology (regardless of the platform)to transform teaching and learning. If one thinks of Chromebooks and iPads are "portable media creation devices" (EdTech Teacher) then one can plan the PD on the 4 C's consumption (digital citizenship), curation, communication and mostly importantly creation. This summer’s LBP EdTech Institute was built with this philosophy in mind

In an ideal world I would want kids and teacher using both platforms depending on what needs to be accomplished.

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