Paper submitted ~ summer vacation officially starts

I submitted my paper for my course Constructions of Cultural Spaces yesterday. Dale is happy that all the articles and books lying around the house will be finally put away. I really enjoyed the course, probably the best so far, I liked the fact that the prof used films that were used to help us understand the main course themes. My tasks for the summer are to soak the sun, read several fiction books that have been sitting on my desk (Maisie Dobbs, the new Inspector Gamache book, Nora Webster by Toibin, etc.)

I also update the websites for the 2  courses I teach. On the personal learning I am curious to look at the Thinglink and EdTech Summer Camp activities. I may design a series of challenge activities based on this concept for our school administrators this fall. Anyway time to recharge my Kobo and start reading.

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