Safe Schools and Web 2.0!

The full day workshop (5 hours) will give administrators the tools needed so they are able to update their school's technology plan (i.e. professional development around technology). The tech plan needs to be updated so that social media, Web 2.0 technologies, and social learning so are incorporated into the school's vision and goals. 

Ying Yang

Audience: Board level personnel, administrators, and teacher leaders who are engaged in technology planning and implementation. 

Description: Participants will consider how technology impacts their teaching and learning visions for today’s students. Does the school’s/school board’s tech plan include the 3 C’s (Consume, Communicate, Collaborate, and Create)? Is digital citizenship embedded throughout the curriculum? Participants will explore needs assessment tools and take away presentation tools to use in their school’s technology plan.

Learning outcomes for this workshop include:

  • Explore and understand the characteristics of today’s learning environments
  • Shape a vision and plan for implementing technology changes in a school/school board
  • Explore and define the needs of today’s learning environments


  • Exploring Change
    • Research and trends
    • Key issues facing today's school leaders
    • Identifying best practices
  • Assessing Where You Are
    • Survey personnel
    • Incorporating data
    • Communicating results
  • Taking Action
    • Reflecting on the uses of technology
    • Developing action plan
    • Next steps

** If you are bringing your iPad make sure you install the latest edition of the nearpod ( app. It's free!!  If you don’t have an iPad you may attend as traditional handouts will be handed out as well !!!

A shortened two hour workshop is also available on this topic. The two hour workshop specifically covers Web 2.0 technologies and cyberbullying. Technology can be used to create safe and caring schools both in real life and in virtual online environments (augmented-reality).

This workshop was inspired by the Lead and Vision Workshop offered by Apple. 

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