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EDEM 628 : News


Announcement - Feb. 9 NEW

Hello everyone, I look forward to seeing you on Monday for our second face to face. I've set up all the containers on Webct for the group presentations. The web site is also up to date. Remember to check WebCT frequently to see how you can support and help your fellow students as they work on the presentations.

Announcement - Jan. 28

Hello everyone, Please look over the Powerpoint I used in tonight's class. I've included it in the WebCT week 4 folder as well as week 4 of this website. In order to complete the online survey you need to access it through the Learn Quebec site. Log into the site using your username and password. I've attached a short video on how to do this as sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. Continue working with your partners on planning your projects. I need a group to go week 6 --once I have this then I will assign the rest of the presentations. Be sure to check out the OISE links (found in week 4 of the class web site). The materials are also found in week 4 materials in WEBCT.

Announcement - Jan. 19

Hello everyone, Tim from Learn Quebec will be with us on Monday just to make sure the technology works smoothly. I've uploaded the materials for week 3 (click on #3 in the weekly material section of this web site). Remember that the work and readings for the week are due on at the start of the following class). For now we seem to be quite comfortable with the technology (WebCt, Live Classroom, and your blog). I will not be introducing any new tools -- so relax :).

Before class ends this Monday we absolutely must have picked our topics and partners for the major presentations (weeks 5 to 12). Once I know the topics and groups I will update the course syllabus to reflect the sequence of presentations.

Announcement - Jan. 12

Now that all technical glitches seem to be out of the way we will be meeting online this Monday at 5 via Live Classroom on the Learn Quebec site. Everyone has received their user names and passwords. I've also set up the WebCt materials, please remember that if you are having problems with Live Classroom be sure to log into WebCt and on the main page click on the Main Chat room button. I will have both programs open on my computer at home. From now, on please use the Weekly Materials buttons on the top of this page. For example to see an overview on Monday's class, click on the number 2 button. The final mark breakdown will be given in the assignment section of this site. For a traditional syllabus, click on the Info button above.

Announcement - Jan. 7

Here's a quick video demonstrating how to log in to various tools we are using for the course (WebCT, Wiki, and Live Classroom). This video was made with Camtasia Studio.

Announcement - Dec. 3
This is an on-line course which will meet face to face once a month and on-line each week.  The first face to face meeting will be on Monday, January 7th at 5:00 p.m. at the Marymount Adult Centre.  The dates for subsequent face to face meetings will be determined at that time. The last class will also be held at Marymount on April 7th at 5:00 p.m.




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