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EDEM 628: Assignment 1


Group Presentation:

During the first few lectures members will be put into groups by topic for presentations. Each group will be asked to pick a topic that pertains to the course. The group will then be asked to prepare a presentation on the topic on the date that is assigned to the topic. Presentations should be 30-45 minutes and time should be provided for discussion and activity.

  • Topic 1: Managing Equity (Special Education) -- details to follow
    • Name: Gil, Alan, Jenny ???
  • Topic 2: Budgeting & Finance
    • Name: Phil, Brett, Daryl,
  • Topic 3: Scheduling
    • Name: Alice, Jennifer, Harold, Maureen
  • Topic 4: Human Resource Management (staffing, teacher evaluation, HR issues, etc.)
    • Name:Lisa ???
  • Topic 5: Personal dimension(role of principal, etc. )
    • Name: George, Rob, Lynda, Vito???
  • Topic 6: Professional Learning Communities (team building)
    • Name:Gianna, Christina, Richard M

Did I leave out any topics? (time management ? .... ). Please be sure to let me know. The way to approach each topic/presentation is as follows:

--what's ministry & board expectations in the topic?

--what support is available for me in this area (at the board level and ministry level, support from colleagues). Who's the expert? How does he/she carry out/complete the topic? What are the tips and tricks?

--what's out there (research online, library)? Provide links, etc.

-- how would I teach/show a new administrator how to do and/or manage a particular topic?

--how would I manage the topic given myriad of other responsibilities



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