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EDEM 628: Week 2 (Jan. 14)


The 'Big Picture': Resource Management and Decision-Making:

  • Topics:
    • Decentralization versus Centralization
    • School Based Management/Decision Making
    • Systemic change, the reform, and managing resources (who does what?)
    • Systems overview managing the reform (Noel Burke's Powerpoint). Section 3 (curricular, structural, personal, interactive (cont'd next week).
  • Related Taks:
    • Make sure Live Classroom, WebCt, and access to Course Wiki works
    • Discussion: Considering Decentralization and Centralization
    • Reflection: What is my experience of SBM/DM... my story
    • Think of group setup for class presentations --7 groups of 3 students (starting week 4)
    • What topic would you like to cover?
  • Readings & Homework:
    • Leadership in the Twenty-First Century by David A. McAdam (York Region District School Board, CAP conference).
    • The Principal Connection: What is Instructional Leadership? by Thomas R. Hoerr (Educational Leadership, Vol. 65, Num. 4, Dec./Jan. 2008, pp 84-85).
    • Leadership for the 21st Century: Breaking the Bonds of Dependency by Michael Fullan (Educational Leadership, Vol. 55, Num. 7, April 1998, pp 6-10).
    • *** We will refer to these readings next week as well --as we look at the day to day duties of running a school .
    • Weekly blog/reflection (25 marks): After each class please prepare a one page reflection on the discussion and topics covered during the class. What was new to you? What did you find interesting? How could this be used in your day to day life as an administrator? etc. etc.
    • Spend 30 minutes with mentor learning in's and out's of Live Classroom before next class at a time covenient to you . Describe this experience in your weekly blog/reflection
    • Create discussion thread on WebCt with favorite picture and send email with picture as attachment

*** On Saturday morning I will be online from 10 to 12 to take care of any technical difficulties. If you can't log on please use my cell phone. Feel free to email me anytime with any questions or concerns.


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